Finally down more than 50 lbs

I have been stuck at 50 lbs lost for a couple of weeks. And it was pretty discouraging. I’m officially at 52 lbs lost. I started my weightloss on myfitnesspal, and then stopped using it for a while. Now I’m back on the wagon.

I plan on doing a whole series on my weightloss and all that jazz.

At the moment it’s just impossible to post a lot of blogs using my cell phone internet, which is barely any internet at all.

I want to share my experience because what inspired me to lose weight was seeing someone who had my starting weight. At the time, I couldn’t relate to 100 lb weightloss stories. It resonated more with me to see a girl who was my size, and where she went.

I’m 5’7″ and my starting weight was 214 lbs. I’m now at 162 lbs.

Once our home internet is all set up I’ll share how I did it, what helped me, and all the pictures in between.

I started my journey on myfitnesspal, and now im back on. My name on there is merglittle is you want to be my friend!